Our Philosophy

Nothing is Standard

We do not offer standard models because from our long experience, requirements are hardly standard that is why we build every unit by hand from scratch.

Customized Liquid Chillers & Condensing Units

There are many combinations possible with a custom-built project. Combinations decided by the customer / Actual user based on his actual requirement, technical & financial. If you don’t know the required combination, don’t worry, we will help you. Just talk to us.
All Anurup Products come properly fitted, ready for the use, with just the required components & automation. For those looking for power savings, each of these units can be built to a specification with soft starter, VFD etc.

To find out how much your exactly required unit will cost, contact us. The Anurup Product is conceived as a product that assures the user’s reliability and peace of mind, and this concept is at the heart of everything we do; so we make units that our customers can rely on wherever and whenever they use them.

Everyone involved should feel comfortable with the product purchased satisfied that they had freedom of choice.

Feedback from Anurup Ambient Product owners is that the work we do has wonderful consequences for the users everywhere; from the large factories to the small one man run industrial units.

What we do:

  • We provide products & services in refrigeration & air conditioning
  • We started out in 1984 & a private limited company in 1994. We have experience of 25 years behind us, during which period, we have a large number of satisfied customers.
  • We provide products & services to suit the exact needs of customers.
  • We are authorized dealers for bock compressors, spares & service since 2001.


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